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Steel Bed

A free-standing bed inviting creativity

Designer Daniele Lago · 2019

The result of a continuously evolving aesthetic, the Steel bed creates a light, floating design with no wall fixings. Elegant steel supports are available in a Titanio Steel or Peltro Steel finish. Headboards can be infinitely customised on all LAGO beds, to suit your every need, taste and style. Whether horizontal or vertical, made from wood, fabric or smooth or ruched leather, they can be used to style elegant combinations of contrasting colours and different textures in the bedroom. Shelves and bedside tables can also be added to the headboards to meet your every functional need.

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elegant freestanding bed | Steel Bed | LAGO

An elegant steel structure

Steel legs provide solid support to the structure and mean no wall fastenings are required for the bed. They are available in a Titanio Steel or Peltro Steel finish.

elegant bed with steel supports | Steel Bed | LAGO

Customisable, accessorisable headboards

Whether horizontal or vertical, made from fabric or hundred-year-old Wildwood, these headboards can be customised in their size and finish. Add shelves and bedside tables to suit every design need. Refined LED lighting adds another elegant touch to the headboards with its chiaroscuro effect, creating a unique atmosphere in the bedroom.

grigio designer double bed with ruched headboard | Steel Bed | LAGO

Functional shapes

No bed frame and only two steel legs below mean you can move freely and easily around the bed. Cleaning is also a breeze.

bed with steel supports | Steel Bed | LAGO

A light look

Two central steel legs elevate the bed, emphasising the light, floating effect, while also making it extremely resistant.

One design, many headboards and accessories

Wood and fabric, shelves and bedside tables come together in various combinations, to create a bed to suit every need and style.

modern bed with glass supports | Air Bed | LAGO


Headboards in different soft fabrics, offering the ultimate comfort in the bedroom.

floating bed with wooden headboard | Fluttua Bed | LAGO

Steel Wildwood

Wildwood headboards, with or without elegant shelves, make for a uniquely elegant bed design.

modern lightweight double bed | Air Bed | LAGO

Steel Replis

A sensual headboard featuring natural folds gives the bed a soft look that’s fresh every time.

elegant bed with steel supports | Steel Bed | LAGO

Steel Free

Different materials blend harmoniously together, creating exceptionally refined headboards you can accessorise with shelves or bedside tables.

comfy bed with grey headboard and metal legs | Steel Bed | LAGO

Steel Soft

Soft fabrics for a voluptuous headboard that creates an indulgent feeling of comfort in the bedroom space.

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Steel Bed



Steel Bed



Steel Bed



Steel Bed



Steel Bed



Steel Bed



Steel Bed



Steel Bed



Steel Bed



Steel Bed


Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
All technical materials of the Steel Bed

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