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LagoLinea Shelving

A wall-mounted bookcase with no structural ties

Designer Daniele Lago · 2009

A nimble line with which to draw, store and tell your story. With an innovative patented side-suspension mechanism, and inspired by the 36e8 unit, this wall-mounted bookcase is part of the high-end, expressive LagoLinea range, where no hard-and-fast rules apply. Build a composition that adapts to your space in a natural way and have fun adding shapes and patterns into the existing architecture. An original way to tell a story and organise space functionally and creatively.

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Freedom to create and design

A free-moving line with no structural ties, like a stroke across a piece of paper: this unit offers freedom of expression and allows you to create decorative yet practical custom bookcases.

Lacquering with water-based paints

LagoLinea units are lacquered using solvent-free water-based paints that do not emit harmful volatile organic substances into the environment and ensure a healthy indoor environment. This ensures a high-quality look and finish for these products that stand the test of time. 
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Patented wall-mounting mechanism

Create a magical wall-mounted bookcase, thanks to a secure, patented fastening mechanism hidden in the depth of the side panels.

glass display cases light blue wall-mounted bookcase | Lagolinea Shelving | LAGO

Built-in glass storage units

Add elegant glass display cases with LED lighting and exquisite finishes.

wall-mounted kitchen bookcase | Lagolinea Shelving | LAGO

Architectural mimesis in space

The LagoLinea bookcase can be designed to fit your space, so you can position it just where you want it, creating perfect harmony between product and architecture.

designer black wall-mounted bookcase | Lagolinea Shelving | LAGO

Solutions chosen for you or tailor-made

Thanks to its extreme modularity, LAGO design allows furniture to be moulded according to space, meeting any requirement. In fact, the LAGO collection includes not only pre-configured products, which can be customised in standard dimensions, materials and finishes, but also includes the possibility of developing customised solutions with the support of our interior designers.

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
All technical materials of the LagoLinea Shelving

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